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The OJSC "DOZAKL" is a dynamically developing enterprise, equipped with the modern high-efficiency equipment, allowing manufacturing products, which meet all requirements of the current national and international market. In 2000, the Quality Management System under the ISO 9001-2000 standards was introduced at the plant.

At present, the plant produces a wide spectrum of products for different industry branches and the national economy, carries out regular deliveries to more, than 20 countries of the world.

The OJSC "DOZAKL" is the only domestic manufacturer of "Lamister", the modern packaging material for making soft food cans.

One of the product types is the strip for making construction and decoration materials. The plant produces different types of aluminium strips, which find applications at the modern construction sites:

- anodized strip for making composite panels (Alucobond, Abond, Dibond, etc.);

- painted strip for making pendent ceiling profiles;

- embossed strip with a decorative relief;

- painted strip for making lath ceiling profiles.

Also, the OJSC "DOZAKL" is the only domestic manufacturer of the aluminium strip for making metal shutter systems and the mirror polished aluminium strip for making lath ceilings and lamplight reflectors.


The OJSC “DOZAKL” has the following production facilities:

  • 6-high rolling mill 1350

  • Levelling Line (NORDISK);

  • Levelling and Degreasing Line (UHDE);

  • Lacquering Line (NORDISK);

  • Lacquering and Laminating Line with annealing to get required mechanical properties (UHDE);

  • Coil Slitting and Cut-to-Length Lines.

The OJSC "DOZAKL" produces sheets and strips for making bottle caps, painted strips for construction profiles, Alu foil, laminated by PE or PP films.

Quality system

In 2000, the OJSC “DOZAKL” was certified for meeting the ISO 9001 standard on the Quality Management System. In March 2003, the plant successfully passed attestation for meeting the ISO 9001 in the next version - 2000. The certificate was confirmed in 2006 and is valid till 2009.


The production activity of the plant is fulfilled according to requirements of the RF Environment Laws, ISO 14001 standard and local environment rules.

The DOZAKL’s Environment Management System is certified for meeting the ISO 14001 standard. The certificate was confirmed in 2006 and is valid till 2008.

All-round works on reducing affecting the environment are being planned and realized, including reducing consumption of natural and energy resources. As to the environment, the plant has no claims from local public organizations.

NEWS: DOZAKL Commissions Aluminium Tape Cutting Line

Dmitrov, 17 December 2008 – Dmitrov Aluminium Can Tape Test Plant (DOZAKL, En+ Group) has launched a new aluminium tape slitting line.

The new equipment produced and mounted by DALLAN (Italy) is designed for slitting aluminium tape and painted and galvanized steel up to 1mm thick and 1.5m wide at the operating speed of up to 120m/s; the line can also be used to cover metal with protective polyethylene film.

DOZAKL can now raise the output of galvanized and painted strip for metal shutter systems, lathed ceilings, structural profiles, aluminium composite panels and food can tape.

The acquisition and installation costs exceeded $1.5m.

The DOZAKL modernization plan envisages mounting of a KAMPF cutting line in January-February 2009 to produce food grease-covered Lamister. Food grease is technologically important for raising the Lamister formability rate thus making it more competitive at the EU market.

About the company:

In 2007, Dmitrov Aluminium Can Tape Test Plant was transferred to En+ Group from the packaging division of RUSAL. The plant produces a wide range of aluminium products for many industries. DOZAKL is the sole Russian (and CIS) producer of aluminium strip for metal shutter systems, lathed ceilings and lamp reflectors as well as Lamister®, a modern packaging material for soft food cans.

En+ Groups (www.enplus.ru) strategy is to focus on businesses which extract raw materials for energy production, generate electricity and produce non-ferrous metals. En+ Group is the majority shareholder (56,76%) in United Company RUSAL, the owner of EuroSibEnergo, the largest private energy company in Russia. En+ Group also owns the United Oil Group with operations covering exploration, extraction and refining of oil.  En+ Groups consolidated revenues for 2007 were US$ 16,2bn; En+ Groups businesses employ over 130,000 people.


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